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Table 3 The Planetary Quotas

From: The Planetary Accounting Framework: a novel, quota-based approach to understanding the impacts of any scale of human activity in the context of the Planetary Boundaries

Planetary Quota Control Variable and Global Limit Description of Control Variable
Carbon dioxide Net CO2 emissions ≤ −7.3 GtCO2/yr Net CO2 emissions including land use and land-use change emissions.
Me-NO Me-NO emissions ≤5.4GtCO2e/yr Total warming potential of methane and nitrous oxide emissions expressed in terms of equivalent CO2 emissions (CO2e).
Forestland Deforestation ≤ -11Mha/yr Net deforested land area.
Aerosols 0.04 ≤ AODea ≤ 0.1 Emissions of aerosols and precursor gases expressed in terms of equivalent aerosol optical depth (AODe)
Ozone Montreal gas emissions  ≈ ≤0 ODPkgsb/yr Emission of gases controlled or due to be controlled under the Montreal Protocol in terms of ozone depleting potential weighted kilograms (ODPkg)
Nitrogen Net nitrogen released to the environment ≤62Tg/yr Net reactive nitrogen released to the environment.
Phosphorous Net phosphorus released to the environment ≤11Tg/yr Net phosphorus released to the environment.
Water Net water consumption ≤8500km3/yr Net green, blue and grey water consumption
Biodiversity Percentage disappearing fraction of species ≤1E-4/yr Net percentage disappearing fraction of species due to land occupation and transformation
Novel entities Net imperishable waste ≤0 kg Imperishable waste released to the environment less imperishable waste removed from the environment.
  1. aAODe: Aerosol Optical Depth equivalent (see Section “A Quota for Aerosols”)
  2. bODPkg: Ozone Depleting Potential kilograms (see Section “A Quota for Ozone Depleting Substances”)