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Table 5 Each of the Planetary Quotas is shown against the estimate current global status

From: The Planetary Accounting Framework: a novel, quota-based approach to understanding the impacts of any scale of human activity in the context of the Planetary Boundaries

Planetary Quota Control Variable and Global Limit Estimate of Current Global Status
Carbon Net CO2 emissions ≤ −7.3 GtCO2/yr ~ 36 GtCO2/yr. [104]
MeNox Me-NO emissions ≤5.4GtCO2e/yr ~ 11 GtCO2e/yr.a
Forestland Deforestation ≤ -11Mha/yr 6.5 Mha/yr [105]
Aerosols 0.04 ≤ AODe ≤0.1 Data not availableb
Ozone Montreal gas emissions ≈ ≤ 0 ODPkgs/yr Data not available
Nitrogen Net nitrogen released to the environment ≤62Tg/yr ~ 150 Tg/yr [12]
Phosphorous Net phosphorus released to the environment ≤11Tg/yr ~ 22 Tg/yr [12]
Water Net water consumption ≤8500km3/yr ~ 8500 km3/yrc
Biodiversity Percentage disappearing fraction of species ≤1E-4/yr 1E-5 – 1E-6/yrd
Imperishable Waste Net imperishable waste ≤0 kg Data not available
  1. aDerived from [104]
  2. bIn 2016, 92% of the world’s population lived in areas that exceed the World Health Organisation ambient air quality guidelines [106]. This suggests this Quota (which is based on these guidelines) has been exceeded
  3. cThere is no indicator or limit proposed for the Planetary Boundary - novel entities. However, under the PQs this Boundary is addressed by proxy through the water Quota
  4. dBased on background extinction rate of 100–1000 extinctions per million per year [12]