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Table 2 Summary of SME participantsa

From: Transforming manufacturing to be ‘good for planet and people’, through enabling lean and green thinking in small and medium-sized enterprises

Firm identifier Industry Participants Number of employees Annual turnover (million, approx)
FA Paint and coatings manufacturing FA-P1-Managing Director; FA-P2-National Sales and Marketing manager; FA-P3-Operations Engineering and Technical Manager; FA-P4-Technical services officer; FA-P5-Sand paper operator; FA-P6-Chemist; FA-P7-Sprayer; FA-P8-Accountant receivable representative; FA-P9-Colour match maker; FA-P10-Accountant; FA-P11-Accountant; FA-P12-Accountant; FA-P13-Inventory coordinator; FA-P14-Receptionist; FA-P15-Lean Consultant 70 26
FB Fertiliser and mulch manufacturing FB-P1-Director; FB-P2-Business development manager; FB-P3-Sales and Operations Manager; FB-P4-Warehouse and production manager; FB-P5-Sales manager; FB-P6-Production manager; FB-P7-Compliance Advisor; FB-P8-Health and Safety officer
FB-P9-Forklift Operator; FB-P10-Operator (Production); FB-P11-Forklift Operator; FB-P12-Machine operator; FB-P13-Receptionist; FB-P14-Pallet controller; FB-P15-Financial accountant; FB-P16-Lean Consultant
60 30
  1. aF Firm, FA Case study 1, FB Case study 2, P Participant