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Table 4 Environmental performance across the two case study SMEs

From: Transforming manufacturing to be ‘good for planet and people’, through enabling lean and green thinking in small and medium-sized enterprises

Firm Identifier Environmental Performance Management Areas
Waste Water Energy Emissions Chemical
FA • Utilise bio-based material for paint and render production
• Segregate waste
• Recycle waste
• Harvest rain water using tanks
• Use water efficient appliances in toilets
• Use of natural lighting, sensors and energy efficient appliances
• Thermal Dry Zone Walling System
• Use efficient filtering functions
• Use energy efficient appliances in the factory and the administration building
• Use of lime, clay and other natural material as substitutes to chemical/ synthetic raw material
• Reduce the use of VOC
FB • Recycle organic and green waste
• Recover food waste to produce compost
• On-site water management system through water recycling (i.e.: use of a damn to store water) • Energy efficient grinding machine • Reduce emissions by using energy efficient machineries for grinding, mixing and turning • Use of organic materials