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Table 1 Conjoined Induced and Organic Participation aided by an Independent Third Party

From: Institutional innovations in public participation for improved local governance and urban sustainability in India

Main role
Support role
Role Induced Participation by Government Third Party commissioned by Public Deliberation Office Organic Participation Advisory support by NGOs
Suggest topics for deliberation (by the public)   
Receive topics for deliberation   
Prioritize topics through a panel (random selected public and elected officials + experts, civic officials)   
Research the topic, map stakeholders
Hold preparatory meetings with different stakeholders
Frame the deliberation
Compile and prepare materials for the public to review
Design deliberation process and its evaluation method
Appoint an oversight committee   
Recruit an inclusive, representative group of deliberators
Provide participation support, if needed (wage compensation, travel, child care)   
Conduct and facilitate the deliberation
Prepare the evaluation of the deliberation    
Prepare the report of deliberation (including evaluation)    
Publish the report of the deliberation   
Submit the report to the relevant government authority   
Publish how deliberation recommendations are incorporated in government decisions   
Track and follow-up to ensure implementation   
Review of the process, implementation and impacts
Report learning with suggested changes or adaptations for the future