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Table 1 List of risk categories

From: Resilience by industrial symbiosis? A discussion on risk, opportunities and challenges for food production in the perspective of the food-energy-water nexus

iExtreme weatherExtreme weather events, natural disasters and failure of climate change mitigation and adaption
iiEmploymentEmployment effects of large-scale involuntary migration, un- and underemployment, safe working conditions
iiiNexusFood-energy-water nexus issues, water crisis, food crisis, limits in supply and production capacity, quality risks, energy price shock
ivDiseaseSpread of infectious diseases, use of antibiotics and the resulting creation of resistant organisms, spread of disease in fish and vegetables within production facilities and between facilities and their environment
vEnvironmentAnthropogenic environmental disasters and effects of man-made pollution, including issues such as bycatch of wild fish and monoculture fields as well as over-fishing, eco-system collapse, and eutrophication
viGovernmentInterventions, protectionism, subsidies, trade-wars
viiEconomicsInvestment risk e.g. leading to high interest rates, fiscal crisis, asset bubbles in a major economy, and failure of financial mechanism or institution. Also, industrial plant closures
viiiSupply chainSupply of key inputs such as plants/smolt and fertiliser; also, know-how and technology, i.e. access to human resources and to the requisite production technology; transportation, including costs, environmental effects, losses/waste