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Table 5 Risks in distributed symbiotic systems compared to off-shore fish farms

From: Resilience by industrial symbiosis? A discussion on risk, opportunities and challenges for food production in the perspective of the food-energy-water nexus

No.NameCompared ResilienceReason
iExtreme weather+On-land systems less exposed to adverse weather
iiEmployment+Better job security and working conditions on land
iiiNexus+Better resource efficiency
ivDisease+Closed or semi-closed systems more resilient
vEnvironment+Symbiotic facilities avoid polluting and the effects of pollution
viGovernment+Off-shore fish farming risks greater limitation by government
viiEconomicsExposure to costs of financing and to anchor industry
viiiSupply chain=Similar risk profiles
  1. Legend:
  2. + Better resilience for distributed symbiotic systems
  3. - Better resilience for comparison facility
  4. = No difference assessable with case data
  5. ? Different risk profiles but not assessable with case data